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Klukha Irina Konstantinovna, Postgraduate student, Mari State University (1 Lenina avenue, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia),

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Background. The work appears to be topical as it attempts to rethink the approach to understanding the Christmas stories written by Leskov not in terms of the common calendar literature approach, characterized by certain specific features in comparison with the traditional genre of a story, but from the perspective of considering the material world as a major dominant link in the work that affects its development. The purpose of the article is to reveal the establishment of images and symbols in the Christmas stories written by Leskov.
Materials and methods. Implementation of the research objectives was achieved through the use of works written by Leskov «The Pearl Necklace» and «The Irredeemable ruble», the analysis of scientific and popular literature devoted to this subject. The methodology included the general scientific methods (analysis, synthesis, deduction) allowing to isolate an image of an item and its function, the private research method of text elements commentation, the use of which allows to timely and consistently demonstrate the value of things in a particular passage of the text.
Results. The author identified and studied the images of things in the Christmas stories written by Leskov «The Pearl Necklace» and «The Irredeemable ruble». The works marks the enrichment of images of the pearl necklace and the ruble with different meanings, reflecting the desire of the author of the story to create the image of things like an image of a character. The researcher revealed the features of symbolization of images of things in the stories and found that the image of things is not only the identification and description of the Christmas metamorphosis in the fate of the characters, but also the disclosure of the author's intention.
Conclusions. The study of the role, functions and values of the image of things in the Christmas stories written by Leskov gives an opportunity to look at these works from a new angle, allows to draw attention to a particular thing in the world depicted, the image of which is symbolized and serves to realize the author's intention.

Key words

Christmas story, thing, symbol image, moralistic sintention, semi¬otic sign, simulacrum.

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